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Backyard Records Presents Holly McCormack

It's here, it's here, it's finally here!

Let me just say i HATE secrets, but I've been holding this one in since last JULY.  That's like...7 whole months! 

Backyard Records approached me about doing a CD cover for a new artist they had signed.  I met with Holly in Panera to discuss any ideas she had and let's just say I was sooooo excited after our talk.  After many dicussions between the label and Holly, our plan took form.  Props and location were nailed down, and then we waited for a rainy day.  It wasn't the downpour we had hoped for, but I absolutely love how the images turned out.

Then...we waited for the recording to be finished.

Now, I'm happy to say: Holly McCormack's CD, "So Far From Reality," is now available for pre-order!  It can be purchased at http://www.backyardrecords.net/ for only $12.  Plus, if you go to their website you see the album cover and a shout out to Christine Lewis Photography:)

She has the coolest voice too, I love her music.  Backyard records describes her voice as, "Natalie Merchant or Patty Griffin with a little Janis Joplin thrown in for good measure. It is both evocative and smoky but cannot hide a slight fragility that creeps in and betrays the carefully crafted fa├žade, revealing the femininity that make’s her voice so arresting."  I think it's much like Jennifer Knapp meets Sarah McLachlan.  Either way, you should buy it:)  Support our Chattanooga talent!

And now I can FINALLY reveal the images we took at our photo shoot!  Here are my faves from the day:

This is the album cover!  The record company added the lightning so it has more of the effect we originally were going for with the storm idea.

The image as it came from me.

This one is my favorite.  It's used as the tray card in the album.

This one is also used in the fold out of the album

The rest are just images that I liked from our shoot.  They didn't make the album cut.  This one makes me laugh so much.  I really do like how the mood of the image doesn't at all match her mood:)

Waiting for rain...that never really came.

I really, really like the images of just the chair and the piano too.

We didn't even have to "age" the piano.  It was one that a friend was throwing out and had already sat outside for a long long time.  It's the real deal:)

Let me just say that I'm pretty sure my husband's family thinks I'm crazy at this point.  We kinda left the piano, that was already mangled beyond disrepair, in one of our fields for a couple months.  I actually had other photo shoots in the field afterwards and people always said the same thing, "Uh, why do you have a piano in the middle of your field?"  Logical question, right? Not if you're a photographer...same reason I have a baby rattle in my camera bag and a big old beat up trunk in the back of my car.  I wouldn't have it any other way:)

While I didn't take them to the field for the piano (more for the wildflowers), we did let this cute little model pose for a couple shots on the piano as well!

Thanks so much to Mike at Backyard Records for seeking me out to do Holly's shoot. Thanks to Holly for just being awesome and for "getting" what I love to do.  It's nice when you meet someone who sees the world very much like you do:)
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Ashleigh and Trevor: On the Railroad Tracks

These two cuties were so easy to take pictures of!  Ashleigh is just naturally beautiful, and I love that she doesn't ham it up for the camera.  Her pictures are very organic and natural.  On the other hand, I love how Trevor is the EXACT opposite!  I've never seen a little boy who likes to pose and be so cheesy:)  But it was 100% who he is and I love that too. 

These two are so very different, yet you can tell they love each other so so very much.  Here are a few fave photographs from our shoot on the railroad tracks.

See?! Such a cute little ham.

Of course we had to get some funny faces in there:)

This is what I mean by organic and natural.  Love it.

Best pose EVER:)

I had this old camera in one of the suitcases.  Ashleigh liked to look through it.  Turned out to be one of my favorite pics from the whole shoot.

Trevor preferred rocks, Ashleigh preferred railroad spikes.

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High Crime Rates in Chattanooga? Not a Problem...

We hear a lot these days about the crime rates in Chattanooga.  What better solution to that kind of problem than a super hero?

Super Tobin and Super Jaxon to the rescue!

Tobin turned 4 years old yesterday.  Tobin and Jaxon celebrated their birthdays on Sunday with an awesome super hero birthday party.  There were caped, masked kids running around everywhere!  We had a blast and I think they all make pretty awesome super heroes. 

This was my present to him.  The letters are small here, but readable when printed. I'm sure one day he'll either love it or hate it:) Especially with the Star Wars underwear on the outside of his pants!

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Savannah v. New Orleans: Which is better?

Ok, since I've been to both New Orleans and Savannah in the past year, I find myself comparing them continually.  They are so unique yet so similar.  They are both in the deep south, both full of history and culture.  So I want to know, which do you think is better? What is it that you just love (or hate) about each city? 
They both have beautiful big live oaks and spanish moss:



Both have big beautiful cathedrals:
St. John's Cathedral in Savannah

St. Louis Cathedral in NOLA

With big beautiful spires:
Spires of St. Louis Cathedral in NOLA
Spires of St. John's in Savannah

Of course, there are some fundamental differences.  New Orleans is very French and Savannah is very Southern American.  I'd love to go back to NOLA and spend more time, learn more of the history, see more of the city.  I'll have to make that a vacation in the near future:)
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Graham; Chattanooga's First Newborn of 2012

That's right, folks! Here he is: Chattanooga's first newborn of 2012:)

I'm so excited to finally be posting 2012 pictures.  Feels like a new start.

This little guy is so precious. Newborns are definitely my favorite in general, but Graham is just a beautiful baby!

The proud Daddy and big sister.

Love the toes....

...and the little hands

This is another one of my favorites.  We got a lot of shots with his eyes open, which is not typical for newborns!

He fit just perfectly in the old suitcase.

There's the proud momma!

I love this one of brother and sister together.  She twirls her hair a lot, so I love that this moment was captured.

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