Go Forth Creek

Go Forth Creek is located next to the Ocoee River in Tennessee. I'm sure many rafters and kayakers know it as a place to stop and take a rest from the whitewater rapids. The creek is right off the road and gets pretty busy in rafting season.  Sometimes, though, you can be lucky enough to catch some alone time there.  It's quiet and serene.  It goes up the side of the mountain so there are lots of mini waterfalls.  Unfortunately, that was not the case when I went to take these pictures.  There were a couple of other groups, most of them photographers.  Apparently this place is not just my little secret.  I always feel invaded when others are around when I want to take pictures.  I feel like it should be my alone private time. I want to be alone with nature, not avoiding other people being in my shots. 
I would like to hike this creek as far is it will go.  My friends and I used to always hike creeks...even if a path was available.  The goal was to get as far as possible hopping and climbing from rock to rock but never falling in.  It never occurred to me that hiking meant you were supposed to stay on a path and follow the person in front of you for 15 miles.  That's a whole lot of work without near as much fun.  My "second Dad" growing up used to say, "If you don't bleed, sweat, and get wet you didn't hike."  That kind of hiking involved taking a lot of short cuts, creeks, and climbing over rocks.

The main reason I went to the creek to get these shots was because I recently had purchased a neutral density filter.  I had a lot of fun experimenting with the filter and shutter speeds.  You really do get great results.  It makes waterfalls look so soft and serene.  It can make an ok picture look ten times better.  It made for a fairly relaxing day with the husband: besides having to dodge other photographers with the same idea.

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