Parkway Towers

 Parkway Towers is by far my favorite building in Chattanooga.  For years, this building has intrigued me.  I want to know its history. I just love old abandoned buildings...but especially this one.

This building stands alone downtown near the interstate and sticks out like a sore thumb. While taking these pictures, I talked to someone who works nearby.  He stated the building is for sale, but no one seems to want to renovate it.  For years, I have wanted to turn this building into so many different things.  My husband and I dream of turning it into trendy industrial condos, townhouses, or studio apartments.  Office spaces? No, it wouldn't be appreciated nearly enough.  You could put some cool restaurants in there.  My favorite idea of all has been to turn it into a climbing gym.  You could make really high advanced climbing walls! 

I really want to explore inside, but I'm not daring enough to hop over the barb wire, face the homeless people that may be waiting, and get caught for tresspassing if I make it back out.  Even snooping around outside to take these pictures made me nervous!  I'm well aware the picture on the right goes against every rule of composition.  Everything about the picture doesn't "agree."  Beautiful bright colors with an old vandalized abandoned building.  Barb wire fences and a dainty little cloud.  That almost makes me like it more.  It creates tension and stress.  Creating emotion, good or bad, is always a good goal to have.

Maybe one day I'll get the nerve to go inside.  Maybe one day I'll buy the building and repurpose it into something amazing.  Until that time, I'll continue to stare and dream every time I pass it on the interstate.

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