As an attestation to how beautiful and big our ferns are, some barn swallows nested in them!  We've been trying to keep them OUT of the ferns, but we just didn't catch it early enough this time. They had already laid the eggs. Aren't they the most perfect little eggs?   They look like candy sold at Easter. 

I took these pictures yesterday, then quietly put the fern back on the hook.  I hoped my husband wouldn't notice them.  Unfortunately, on a farm, cute little eggs turn into cute little birds.  Cute little birdies turn to Barn Swallows.  Barn Swallow poop all over the hay and ruins it.  Thus, the Barn Swallows can't stay around.  Yeah, he already found them when he was watering the plants last night.  They had to be removed.  That's the reality of the circle of life in my world.

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