Carnival Season

I have been waiting and waiting for the carnival to come to town.  Not because I'm dying to ride on the rides.  I was dying to try out my ideas for new photos.  They may not be the most original ideas, but I wanted to see if I could duplicate the cool effects of pairing moving lights with long shutter speeds.  I think they came out rather nicely.

See the picture on top? I will never ride one of those at a traveling carnival again.  When I was little, I went to a traveling carnival with my grandparents.  This ride shook so incredibly bad, that I closed my eyes and prayed that I would just make it through the ride.  There's something totally unnatural about the fact that the rides are supposed to easily break down and be put into trailers. I'm not a naturally fearful person, especially when I was younger, but that one was more than I could take.

I really like the bottom one because of the silhouetted people I caught in the foreground.  That was complete luck. I was only paying attention to the rides, hoping they would run a few more times.  We got there right at closing time.

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