The Edmondson Family

Welp, I've decided to join the band wagon and use the blog for my lifestyle and portraits as well.  I'll admit I have done a bad job of keeping up with my blog.  I was using it exclusively for my fine art photography up til now. 
So...meet the Edmondsons!!!

We met at the park early Saturday morning.  It was supposed to be 55 degrees, but alas, it didn't break 40.  That's fall in Chattanooga for yah.  So, the poor family froze while I tried to hold the camera still without shaking.  Despite the cold weather, I loved watching them interact.  Mike, Stephanie, Alonna, and Jack.  Little Jack is 3 years old and legally blind.  It was amazing to see how overcomes such a huge obstacle at such a young age.  Alonna is 11 and beautiful! She and her mother look so much alike its incredible.  I was very impressed by how much love she showed her little brother.  After about an hour of cold, we moved our picture taking into the warmth of their house.  They are remodeling, so I was able to take pics of the brand new chandelier for Stephanie and the fireplace that Mike just finished building.  Yeah, he built that. Isn't it amazing?  They are both very artistic and creative.  Thanks Steph and Mike, for letting me capture a little bit of what it means to be in your family.

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  1. christine we wanted to say how much we appreciated your patience and flexibility. the pictures are truly amazing and creative!
    thank you so much

  2. Hey Chrstine it's Sarah. The pictures are amazing! You really do have a gift.