Happy 30th Anniversary!

Meet John and Jill Pratt.  I've known them my whole life. Well...I kinda had to, they are my parents.  On 11/23/10 they celebrate their 30th Anniversary! 
I was a little nervous about this, considering my mom is the one who had a camera in my face at every significant (and insignificant) event my whole life.  She's the one who arranges family pictures and is simultaneously responsible for my love of taking pictures and hatred of having them taken of me. Besides, they are my parents how am I supposed to walk around with them and take mushy, loving pictures of them? Oh, and of course she's instilled the same hatred of picture taking in my Dad so this oughtta be torture for him, too! Of course there was nothing to worry about.  I think Dad even enjoyed himself, even though he'd never admit it.  Being the Daddy's girl that I am, I was able to talk him into taking pictures for about 2 hours.

Here are some of the pictures, stories, and life lessons that came from our time together:

So...my Dad has to be the single-most accident prone man on earth. Unfortunately, I've inherited this trait and so has my niece, Erin.  The night before our photoshoot (which had been planned for over a month) my Dad, the mighty hunter, knocked himself right between the eyes with the scope of his rifle.  This is exceptionally funny because this particular rifle has the butt sawed off of it.  So, many people hurt themselves with the scope because my Dad always fails to mention that you need to be extra careful with it.  That list of people includes my husband and myself.  It's great when life comes full circle like that!
 Now, the night before we did a test run and I easily photoshopped out the cut.  I didn't think about the fact that by day 2, a bruse would also appear.  This is MUCH more difficult to remove.  After the hours of photoshopping that insued, I ran out of creative energy and photoshop ability.  Fortunately, my sister has much experience photoshopping cuts, bruises, and boogers for her children.  She was able to make the final touches and now you cant even tell! Thanks Hannah!! 

The location for our photo shoot is very special, near, and dear to the hearts of my whole family.  My Dad has been the pastor at Kelly's Ferry Community Church for 20 years now.  The church is 10 miles into the middle of nowhere along the Tennessee River.  The area is beautiful. I grew up out there and everyone there is family.  Some are even related to me.

After awhile, I convinced them that it was ok to be affectionate.  Actually, I suggested they kiss and my mom about fell over.  Apparetly I'm the reason they don't kiss in front of people.  I guess I gave them such a hard time about it when we were growing up, they just never do anymore. Maybe after 2 hours of me making them love on eachother will reverse some of the damage I caused in my childhood.

The sun was in our way all day, so I decided that if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  We played with the direct sunlight instead.  These turned out to be my favorite pictures. 

I got Dad to put on his Indiana Jones hat that he ALWAYS wears because the sun was so bright it blared off his shiny bald head. Of course we have always given him a hard time about that, but this time it really couldn't be avoided.  I'm glad I did because its part of who he is and it made these silhouette shots way better.  I love that you can still completely tell who they are, even though this is only an outline.

Here's a slideshow of the photoshoot:

Despite my initial concerns, we had a lot of fun...and I tried to get some revenge on my mom for years and years of photos. I don't think it worked. I'm pretty sure she enjoyed it and it was Dad who was further traumatized.

Thank you for letting me take pics for your anniversary. I wish you 30 more years together. You have taught me about life, love, commitment and what it means to truly be a team. Oh, and that I shouldn't let my future children ever make me stop kissing my husband in public!

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  1. Too cute! Christine you did a great job! How about coming to Wisconsin? Baby #6 is due April 1st and our anniversary is May 1st. Lots of photo opportunities! John and Jill, you look great!