Decadent Decadence

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, decadence is, "a period of decline." Synonyms include declension, devolution, descent, degradation, deterioration, and degeneration.

I've had a flickr page for a few years now. Being involved in a photo sharing website has given me many ideas and inspirations for my photography. Exploring the groups and other people's pages on this website has really helped me grow as a photographer. I'd definitely recommend joining a photo sharing website like flickr if you have an interest in photography. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you take some time to look around, you will find someone somewhere who beholds beauty in the same way you do. I've always found dead trees to be beautiful, but thought that was really weird. Lo and behold! There's a whole group (probably more than one) on flickr dedicated solely to pictures of dead trees. This realization that there were actually other people out there like me (ok, kinda like me) helped me embrace what I believe is beautiful and share it with the world. Maybe someone else out there will benefit from my not-so-normal sense beauty.

In fact, I've recently done some rearranging on my website. I've categorized some of my fine art photographs into groups. I have groups such as "Chattanooga Area", "Country Life," "Travels," "Foliage," and "Nocturne." I decided for just that reason that I'd include a gallery called "Degeneration." I wanted to include pictures like these to proclaim to the world that rusted, old, dirty, decaying things are beautiful too. This is for all the people who would rather explore an old abandoned building than a mansion; the people who think the shapes a dead tree's limbs form are poetic; the people who are entranced by a the blaze of a fire (ok, I don't mean arsonists and pyros). I know you are out there. This one's for you!

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