I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

It was more than just a dream this year.  We woke up on Christmas morning to a beautiful blanket of snow over everything.  Where I live there were a good 4 inches. The roads in the country were a bit precarious, but we took it slow and safely made it to my parent's house for Christmas. The day after Christmas, I ventured  downtown to take photos of some of Chattanooga's most iconic landmarks covered in snow and ice. Many, many Chattanooga photographers have pictures of the Walnut Street Bridge, Market Street Bridge, Coolidge Park, and Hunter Museum. I attempted to add a unique spin to otherwise familiar photographs, so enjoy!

The Market Street Bridge with the Walnut Street Bridge in the background. I'll have to come back here when the fountains are turned on!
The Walnut Street bridge, Chattanooga's walking bridge.

Holmberg Bridge, the glass bridge that crosses Riverside Dr, going to the Hunter museum was covered in ice!  This photo was part of a Chattanoogan.com article (see picture #29 in the article here)

Snow covered fountain at Coolidge Park
The Walnut Street Bridge. The sun was trying to peek through!

The top of the carousel in Coolidge Park

The sun streaming over our beautiful downtown skyline

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  1. Great pics Christine! i did enjoy :)