Snow Day 1.10.11

Pretty much all of Chattanooga was given a day off work or school on Monday on account of snow. At my house, that meant 2 families came over to play! They're all cousins, but also some of our best friends. The kids had fun in the snow, but really it was us adults who stayed out in it all day. The kids were inside thawing and watching TV while we were still sledding and building an igloo.

The guys took the whole day to build an igloo block by block using a cooler and a spray bottle of water.

We didn't have a sled, but cardboard and storage lids work very well!

Our idea of fun is using a four wheeler to sling the kids around on a car hood!

I think they'd had enough fun for one day...

Emily is from Texas so this was her first really good snow.  She had many firsts today, including her first time sledding and building a snowman!

Once it was too dark to play anymore, we went inside for hot chocolate and snow cream! Couldn't ask for a better day.  Now, almost a week later our roads still aren't clear of ice.  I have had all the winter fun I can handle.  I'm ready for spring!

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