Ansel Adams

We went to the Ansel Adams exhibit at the  Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, GA yesterday. The pictures were absolutely amazing. Ansel is mostwell known for his work at Yosemite National Park, but he actually has a lot of pictures of San Franciso and portraits as well. The Yosemite National Park pictures are by far my favorite though. His black and white photography is simply perfect. It has high contrast with pure whites and blacks, yet still retains intricate detail. It was an experience worth having to view the original signed prints.  It goes to show that scanned in digital versions you can find online don't hold a candle to the prints from film.  The ones included here are nothing compared to the real thing.

I started off taking pictures of some of my favorite photographs but any photo I could take would do it justice.  In addition to it always being a poor representation of the real thing, the glare was pretty bad off the glass. I chose to find some of my favorites online and include them instead.

They were selling framed prints in the gift shop for a descent price, but unfortunately they wouldn't fit on the back of the motorcycle. I found that you can find reproductions online for about $55. The real thing (printed and signed by Ansel) costs from $5000-$20,000!
A smaller version of the exhibit is still open til March 13th. I highly advise you go see it! The museum has other impressive art as well, so plan for time to take a look around.

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