The Clarks; Maternity

I spent last Saturday with Mike, Jess, and Addy: The Clarks. Jess is due Feb 13th. That's only 9 days after this photoshoot! She still looks amazing.

Baby Owen's room is so cute. I love how they did his name above the crib.  Its decorated with trains too.

This is Addy reading "Goodnight Moon" to Baby Owen. Jess says she keeps talking about how she's going to read this book to him when he arrives.

During the pregnancy, Jess developed the CUTEST outie belly button!

Addy is 2 years old and absolutely precious.  She has adorable strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. She was a great model too:)

Jess wanted to get some pics of them sitting on this ladder. It was a little too small, but we had some laughs trying to avoid awkward looking poses.

This is my absolute favorite shot from the day. She's just too stinkin precious.

The bright sunshine and her blue shirt went well with some cross processing effects.

I just had to get a close up of Addy with that hood on. The lollipop was her reward for giving me lots of good smiles.

 A little later, we were putting these blocks on her belly, and Owen didn't like that one bit. It was so weird to see the blocks moving around as he pushed up against them!
Thanks Mike and Jess (and of course Addy) for letting me take photos of your family.  I can't wait to meet Baby Owen. Wait...he might even be here by the time you see this!

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