Camping on the Tennessee River

It's great camping weather!  We need to plan a trip soon.

Last fall, we drove down River Canyon Rd to camp right on the Tennessee River with some good friends of ours.  Actually, cousins.  More like friends.  The men were able to teach the kids about fishing and we even caught a couple of them.  My niece lives near there and was able to give us a tour of the ruins of an old mining community called Shakerag.  We all bunked in a big tent and had 2 men to protect us from anything that went bump in the dark - and things did bump in the dark.  The only thing missing was a campfire because of some county ordinance agaist having fire.  We cooked s'mores and hot dogs on a little gas camping grill. Not quite the same effect.

The next morning was the highlight, as the sun came up and the golden glow hit the trees full of fall color. Not being a morning person, I usually miss these things.  Having a 6 year old in your tent and rocks and sticks under your back will put a kink in sleeping in.

Devon fishing in the Tennessee River.

This is Michael. Michael and Devon are our godchildren.  Love them like our own!

Devon and Michael "writing" on the old chalk board at the school house at Shakerag. Don't worry, no vandalism done here. Just rocks scratching against each other.

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