Daytona Beach

As summer s-l-o-w-l-y approaches, I long for sunshine.  I'm getting that itch to go to the beach.  2 years ago, we were able to vacation for a few days in Daytona Beach, Florida.  It was one of those cheapo vacations where they mandate you go listen to a speech about purchasing a time share (which they swear is not really a time share) and you have to tell them no 20 times and 10 different ways so you can go back to laying on the beach.  This beach is particularly unique because you can drive on it.  I'm not sure why people do this, exactly. I guess just to say you did. It was slow going, but a relaxing way to get some shade after a long day soaking up the sun on the beach.  I rarely get to add photos to the "Travel" section of my art gallery, so I always get excited about taking photos of new places.

These are a couple of the places we found while driving the beach:

Love the clouds in this one.  There's just something about those big puffy clouds in a black and white photo that I love.
This is the Daytona Boardwalk.  I love the colors and the lines in this one.  It just pulls you into the photo. 

These next two remind of of old-timey black and white film pics.  I like the grain and that they're so simple.  These were taken from the restaurant that's on the Daytona Boardwalk.

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