Emma Faith: Coca-Cola Classic and some Knit Wits (A Newborn Photo Shoot)

Last weekend I made the treck up to Johnson City, TN to take pics of Kim and Brent Rucker's new baby girl - Emma Faith.  You may recognize them from their maternity session (blogged here).  I liked being able to carry some themes over from their maternity session to Emma's newborn session!

For this shoot (and hopefully future shoots), I teamed up with the local women at Knit Wits.  Their knit hats are absolutely precious! I'll point out which one's are theirs as I go.  Their hats are very affordable as well.  They have a variety of sizes, colors, and buttons.
Miss Emma was so adorable in this outfit picked out by her proud Grandma.  I was very happy that I found the same color blocks for her name in both pictures. I actually didn't check the maternity pics to make sure the colors were in the same order!

Kim and Brent with their precious new little baby girl.

Look at that sweet little face!

Little baby toes are just so darn cute.

Here's one of the cute hats from Knit Wits!  Baby Emma did such a good job modeling for us.

Here's another of their hats.  This hat is my favorite. I love the bright colors.
 Kim picked this vintage Coca-Cola cooler out of my stuff right away, because Brent's Mom is a big Coca-Cola collector.  We tooks some of the maternity pics at her house and there was Coke memorabilia everywhere!  Kim was able to get baby Emma sound asleep and she just settled down perfectly into the cooler. She looked so peaceful and rested, l I felt bad for moving her when we were done!
Yup, hands down, my favorite picture ever.  Love, love, love the vintage Coke stuff and her perfect chubby cheeks!

Meet Sammy.  She was not too happy at me for invading her space.  Apparently she's not too fond of strangers.  She watched over Emma the whole time and never went far.  She always took advantage of the props during breaks.  When I was packing up to leave I had to make her get out of my bean bag chair so I could take it with me!

Kim had this cute mini chair with Emma's name in it.  The bright colors look cool with cross-processing effects.
I swear she doesn't even look real in this picture.  She looks like one of those dolls you can buy in magazines that are supposed to look life-like.  Her little nose, her ears, her lips - So cute! (Oh and this is another Knit Wit hat!)
We finished off our photo shoot with some pics of Miss Emma that would complement those from the maternity shoot.  I think the pics go together quite well!
Thanks Brent and Kim for having me do your maternity and newborn shoots.  It was lots of fun and I enjoyed seeing your home. I wish you and your new little family well and hope you move to Chattanooga soon!

If you're interested purchasing hats from Knit Wits, you can call Sheena Davis at 423-240-1068 or email her at knitwits11@yahoo.com.

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