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In keeping with my vow to blog all my favorite pics that I've not yet posted, I wanted to share several pictures from around the farm.  These in particular focus on some of the barns and the pond in our front yard and of course some farm animals.  The pond is beautiful.  I'd love to build a pathway with an arbor over it, leading up stone steps onto a wooden dock but once again, as is normal on our farm, it is actually there for more pragmatic reasons.  The cows have to be able to get in it to cool off in the summer.  They'd trample over any landscaping and pretty docks I'd want to put in it.  Life on the farm is never as poetic as I view it! 

We get some pretty strong winds where we live, so strong that about half of the roof of this barn is blown off right now!  If you look really closely you can see a bird flying over the barn in this one.

One of the barns.  Love the clouds in this pic.

I know its usually no good to have power lines in a photo, but I really like how the birds are all lined up sitting on it.  I think it adds to the photo.
I guess this cow didn't like me taking his picture very much!

Ok, so this one isn't actually from our farm.  My parents (who live in the middle of east brainerd in Chattanooga) have goats and this one was just too cute!  They've almost always had some kind of animal at the house: cows, goats, horses, mules.  I guess that prepared me for living on a farm later in life!

I call this one "Where the Wild Things Are." It just looks like a wild part of the woods where you could have a wild rumpus!

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