Meet the Griffons: Quadruplets!

Almost exactly 2 years ago (around tax return time), Lucas and I were walking through the mall and just HAD to go into the puppy store.  Well...we had some extra tax return money and spotted a cute little Brussels Griffon.  It just so happens that Lucas's brother and his wife have a male and this was a female.  One thing led to another and we left with a brand new puppy and we were going to be breeders! Rizzo and Stewie (Our female and their male) became best of friends, soul mates, and have lived happily ever after.  Thus, our first litter of puppies were born on March 1.  They were 17 days old when these pictures were taken.  They are just the cutest little smooshed-faced things you've ever seen.  Their eyes opened only about 5-6 days ago and now they're trying their darndest to get on those little legs and walk.  How those tiny legs will ever support their chubby bodies is beyone me!

Meet the Griffons:

Don't his sad little eyes just melt your heart?

One little cutie was born with a corkscrew tail! I've looked and can't find any information on whether this is considered a fault in the official AKC breeding, either way the Daddy's owers have decided to keep him, so I know he'll have a good home.  I think it adds personality.

This is our only female.  I'm amazed at how different she looks and acts from the rest.  She's by far the biggest and has dark fur.  She's also little miss independent.  The three boys stick together like glue and are very difficult to tell apart!  She's always off doing her own thing.

Momma never goes far.

This little runaway got out off the padding then cried til I put him back. He doesn't quite know what he wants yet!

They just love to sleep in piles.

Yes, these are the 3 brothers that stick together like glue!

They finally settled down some and started to get sleepy.

Worn out, protective momma.

Finally got them all to stay still in one picture!

And, they're done.

This is my husky, Yeti.  He's my baby with the beautiful eyes.  Yeti was very interested in the puppies but Rizz wouldn't let him come anywhere near them.  He laid next to me while I was on the ground trying to take pics of the puppies.  Rizzo was ok with that, but if he moved she'd hop up and run him off!

Don't know anything about Brussels Griffons? Don't worry, no one else has heard of them either.  They are pretty rare.  Many say they look lik gremlins or ewoks.  I know our Rizzo has been a great dog.  She's got loads of personality and is extremely loving.  Read more about the breed here, here, or here.

We did breed them to sell (although that might break my little heart), so if you're interested in purchasing one, please let me know!  They will all be eligible for APRI registration.

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  1. Wow! You're very lucky to have additional four griffons in your house. They're such funny and lovely pets.