Snow from Years Past

In looking through the blog, I realized that many of my favorite pics have never made it in a post! I will begin to remedy that situation immediately, beginning with reminiscing of snow from years (ok one year) past. I know, I'm so ready for spring to finally come, but if I start with the snow pics now, i can move to warmer subjects very soon!

Several of my favorite pics come from a snow day in January 2010.  On this particular day, It was just warm enough then turned just cold enough overnight to perfectly coat EVERYTHING in a sheet of ice.  Each and every limb was completely surrounded.  It made everything glisten and shine.  It was absolutely gorgeous.

Lucas and I hopped on the four wheeler and headed out to look at all the snow and ice on the way to Hendon Firetower.  The limbs were so heavy that they bowed over the road the whole way to the tower.  It made for a difficult trip, but it was worth it. 

Here are some of my favorite pics from that day:

This one's my absolute favorite. Reminds me of Narnia.
This old abandoned bus isn't even there anymore! We went by one day and saw some guys hauling it off for scrap. Too bad.
Here's the firetower coverd in ice! I have been to the top before...well almost.  I made it to the second to top level before my legs gave out and I was clinging to the handrail.
The hay bales look like frosted mini wheats!
I love how everything had a coat of ice over it.  I've never seen anything like it!

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