Spring is Springing!

I'm SOOO ready for the plants to start growing and blooming again.  It has been warm for a few days and the plants are peeping up out of the ground.  It's always touch and go this time of year.  Every time I get my hopes up, another frost hits.  This year, we've planted 4 fruit trees: apple, pear, peach, plum.  I know it'll take a couple years before our mini orchard starts producing, but I can't wait til I can walk outside and have all the fruit that I want. I keep saying this, but next year I'm gonna do a vegetable garden.  For some reason, being self-sustaining is so appealing to me. I want to can my own vegetables, jellies, and fruits and only have to purchase minimal items from the store.  It's a lot of work, though, so that might be a goal for when life settles down a little. (Yes, I'm aware that may never happen - but let a girl dream, huh?)

Here are a couple of my favorite flower pics from years past:

Chicks'n'Hens are probably my favorite. Over the winter, they turned a pretty purple color and they have really taken off growing.  The big galvanized tub they are in can barely hold them all!

This Ranunculus was one of the first to bloom last year. It's petals are a little ragged but I love how simplistic it is and how the pink stands out against all the green.

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