Tobin and Jonah; Little Men

I met up with my sister and nephews in South Pittsburg to take some portraits in their cute downtown area.  Toby and Jonah get to be my guinea pigs and I've had the pleasure of chronicling practically their whole lives.  Actually...we already have plans for their next couple photo shoots as well. Poor guys. They will be refusing to look at a camera by 4 years old.  Tobes just turned 3 years old and Jones turned 8 months old yesterday.  I know I'm biased, but they were sooo adorable in their little outfits - sock monkey ties, corduroys, and old man hats.  We just had to get some vintage shots in a quaint downtown setting.

Here are some of my favorite shots of the day:
Tobin said he looked like a stud all dressed up in a tie and belt like his daddy does for work. I can tell already he's gonna have no problem with self-confidence!
We just had to incorporate some sock monkeys into our pictures to match the ties. I love the vintage look.
"Hey Mister! Wanna buy a pape?" All he needs is a newspaper under that arm and he'd be the perfect newsie.

Jonah has that serious vintage picture look down to an art.

We all know Toby's a goof ball. He's making faces here to make us laugh...but it looks like Jones is joining in on the fun too!

He really DOES look like a monkey when he makes that face!  Good thing he has the hat on to complete the look.

This pensive look was actually in the middle of a game of leap frog. Toby takes his games very seriously.

What do little old men do? Read the newspaper of course! You can tell these 2 are already arguing about the daily news. In this case, the news is about monster trucks. Toby is telling Jonah that the best one is the batmobile monster truck. Jonah was more interested in eating the newspaper.

It's amazing what you get when you offer ice cream as a reward for just one more smile!

I had fun experimenting with new textures in some of the photos from this shoot.  This one is my favorite textured one.  I tried not to make the textures too over the top - Let me know what you think!

Poor little Jonesy was worn out by the end of the shoot.  This is his best "Are we done yet?" look.
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