Tulips: An Experiment in Light and Texture

For my birthday, Lucas bought me some beautiful Tulips (Isn't he great?).  On Saturday, we had some down time, so I took them to the basement and decided to experiment with lighting.  As a natural light photographer, I haven't experimented a hole lot with indoor lighting. I usually prefer the sun! Although, that's a whole lot harder to control.  On Sunday, I had down time again so played with some textures in ost processing.  I really love how they turned out! It's amazing how the creative juices can flow when you aren't stressed and tired!  Hope you like them too.  Let me know what you think!

Added the old sheet music texture to this one.  I imagine this one gallery wrapped on canvas in a music room of some sort.

This one is layered with an old letter.

This one doesn't have any textures added, but I liked the lighting in it.

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