The Faces of Jonah; 9 Months Old.

It's that time again! Time for an update on my precious little nephews.  These were taken at the January-April Pratt family birthday party.  We have to celebrate our birthdays about every quarter since there are so many of us:)  It was actually on April 3rd, the day Jonah turned 9 months old.  I had seen this idea a long time ago and we've been waiting for Jonah to get old enough to be able to eat Cheerios to try it out!

We had quite a few spectators for this mini photo shoot.  Probably about 20 actually, since a majority of my family was there! They didn't quite know what to think when I asked to borrow some bowls that Jonah's booty would fit in...

Jonah has sooo many expressions and the cutest smile.  You can see so much of his personality in these! 

Here are the many faces of Jonah:

Every time the wind would hit him, he'd suck that little gut in and out.  It was so funny looking!

Of course, after we were done Jonathan had to start a Cheerio fight! This fight ended abruptly when the rest of the Cheerio box was dumped on my head and cheerio dust when all over my camera...the one who did this will remain nameless out of the kindness of my heart. Don't worry. No camera suffered lasting harm in the making of these pictures.

Toby turned 3 in February.  He's getting so big.  To me, he looks a lot like my sister in this picture.  This is the proud big brother holding up is cupcake.
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  1. Kesha Salas (Sanders)April 23, 2011 at 1:42 PM

    I LOVE the cheerios! Great idea!