The Griffons' Final Family Portraits

Well, I knew I needed to get these cuties all together for a few final pictures.  They were 6.5 weeks old and hardly needed to nurse anymore.  They are so incredibly active that I had a very hard time getting a group shot of them.  Every time I'd crouch down to get on their level, 3 out of 4 would run underneath my legs and lay down.  They just LOVE people and attention.  So...I decided to put them on the pew on our front porch. It slowed them down a little.  They jumped off a couple times.  After about an hour, they final settled down into a puppy pile to sleep.

Aren't they so cute?! They are just getting way too big.

Meet the family!  Here they are individually - with a little about their personalities.

As I said...this is Yogi the troublemaker.  They look like little gremlins!

Getting into a pile is a process.  It takes some adjustment...

They finally did get situated and fall asleep.
Since these were taken, Yogi and Ellie Mai have gone to their new homes.  Luckily they are friends of ours so I'll get to see the babies often. It's just not the same! I still have to munchkins running around.  Their new favorite thing to do is go inside my husky's (Yeti) kennel and refuse to come out.  Yeti stands outside the kennel and barks at them for hours.

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