The Hughes Family

What's that saying again?

Never work with kids or animals?


I'm sure glad I've always been one to ignore well meant advice. 

That's why I was excited to do photos for the Hughes family!  The Hughes family is: Steven, Meaganne, Isaac, Allie, Ethan, Canaan, Gabe, and of course - Moses (that's the dog).  I've never taken pics of so many people (or pets) at one time - It was like the marathon of all portrait sessions! The more the merrier.  We had a great time and I'm really excited about how the pics turned out.  It was a beautiful day (ok, a little windy and cold when we started), and we went to one of the fields on my family's farm on Flat Top Mountain.  I tell you what, at the end of that day I was worn OUT! 

They had a whole lot of reasons to take pictures.  In the month of April Allie turns 6 years old, Gabe turns 6 months old, and its Steven and Meaganne's anniversary.

I had so many favorites I couldn't fit them all in one blog.  No really.  Be watching for Gabe's individual pics in a future blog! I didn't want to overwhelm you with all 40 of my favorites all at once:)  Just most of them!

Meet the Hughes family:

More of these to come in a later blog...

The kids each had a black and white I really liked, so I just had to put them all together in a collage.

Here's the whole family. I think they were all even looking and smiling! Even Moses.

I was impressed at how well the other kids did with Baby Gabe.  Canaan is still very young, yet is so and loving with his little brother.

Love Gabe's face in this one.

What you don't know, is Meaganne is laying on the pew holding up Baby Gabe. We were all very impressed at how well hidden she kept herself!

Butt shot of the whole family! Steven had waaay too much fun sticking his butt out for these:)

Meaganne teaching Isaac how to push a wheel barrow.  Lucas wanted to get rid of this wheel barrow so I claimed it as my own.  I was excited to get my first use out of it!

These old rusty Tonka trucks were Lucas's when he was little.  They've been left out in the rain a few too many times, which made them perfect props for me!

There's Gabe and those cute faces again!

This old Ford is one of my favorite trucks on the farm.  Lucas's Dad asked me after the photo shoot if the old Ford had ruined my photos.  He thought it was too junky! I told him NO WAY! There are plenty of perfect trucks out there. This one has personality.  He just kinda laughed.

Meaganne pouring the kids some chocolate milk.

Enjoying chocolate milk and oreos.

Canaan showing off his oreos.

The other boys wanted to join in.

Miss Allie and her oreo.  She's way too sweet to be gross like those boys!!

We even had strawberries to munch on.  I swear this little girl could be a model.  She is so beautiful and loved to pose for me.

This is a Daddy's girl if ever I've seen one! I thinkin he won't be saying no in 10 years when she wants the keys to the car. 

Steven wanted to get in on the eating action too!

...and with the lollipops.   He did eventually let the kids have them, though.

I can't think of anything better than sitting on the cab of a truck in the sunshine, barefoot, eating lollipops. Those were the days!

If you look close enough, I think you can see the layers of all the different foods we ate that day.  And some snot.  Too cute to edit out!

Even Baby Gabe got to eat a lollipop.  I think he wins the award for messiest face!

I know I said I'd put Gabe's individual photos in another blog, and I will, but I just HAD to show you this.  Is that look Gabe's giving you familiar? Look one picture up.  That's a Steven look for sure!

Meaganne and Hannah made these adorable shirts for the kids.  Meg had one that says "Mom of 5" with all their names on it.

Thanks to Meg and Steven for bringing the whole family out to the mountain!  The kids were great. I was so very impressed at how long they put up with having a camera in their faces.  You have a beautiful family!

Special thanks to my sister Hannah (an ever willing and helpful assistant), her husband Jonathan (for watching their kids so I can steal Hannah), and my husband Lucas (for making my whims become reality. Which normally includes moving very large furniture and fixing broken down trucks in order to create the perfect setting). Love you guys!

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  1. Wow, You have a gift! Don't let her fool you people, We are an African-American Family and we needed a good set of photos to prove our case for some minority scholarships to Brown. Thanks!

    Seriously, I must say, you really do have a gift and it takes more than a camera and a pc to make a photographer. You must have the eye, patience, vision to see through the chaos and the ability to center yourself and still make art. Well done my dear.

  2. Christine, I am looking forward to seeing the pictures of Miss Norah Elliot Hughes. I believe that the photo shoot was 2 November 13 in preparation for her 1st Birthday. Your pictures of Steven & Meaganne and all of the children have blessed Grandpa Billy very much!!! You truely do have a gift!!! Thank you!!!