Our Photography Booth Debut

On Saturday, we set up our art photography booth for the first time at the River Market in the Tennessee Aquarium plaza.  Let me tell you what, it was cold and windy! Not exactly a great weather for a first time experience.  But, the other vendors were very friendly and helpful.  I learned a lot about the other festivals in the area and it was a great trial run for the Cornbread Festival in 2 weeks.  I was able to talk to a few other photographers who came by to see the tent, and received lots of encouragement. 

We definitely learned that 10 lb weights aren't big enough to hold the tent down! Lucas had to hold on to the tent for a majority of the time.  Unfortunately, other vendors had their tents blow over and merchandise break.  We had to take the tent down early due to the bad weather.  We did make a few sales though!  The other vendors said they've never had this bad of an experience at any festival, including the Chattanooga Market.  So, I will not be discouraged! I've heard too many good things about the market.  Hey, it can only get better from here, right?

Here are some snapshots from the day.  Some were taken on my cell phone, some my sister took for me on her camera.

 What? No, of COURSE I've done this before! I'm a seasoned professional at this festival stuff.  That's why my family is taking my picture inside my booth:)

Some of the matted prints on display.

These are the canvases we had for sale.  Thanks to Blake for the awesome sign!

We had quite a few matted, unframed options.  This was our set up for all our smaller prints.

A friend bought this canvas, so we delivered it on the way home.  She was nice enough to let us keep it on display for the rest of the day.  It's an awesome feeling to see your artwork on some one else's mantle!

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