Ambrin Blake: 2 years Old

Last weekend, I met up with Ambrin, Erica and Dylan for Ambrin's 2 year old photo shoot. You may recognize this munchkin.  When he was 18 months old we went to the Hiwassee River and played on railroad tracks and in the mud.  He's the poster child for my business cards and other materials. 

Well, he's 2 years old now and grown up so much! This time around we met in a beautiful field in Pikeville.  I really like how they turned out.  Take a look!

It's amazing how much energy little boys gain between 18 months and 2 years! It was hard to catch him sitting still, and we only got a few with the cute hat on.

Erica and Dylan brought the props to stage this session. I love how it brought the living room into the outdoors!

Erica is an avid reader. She has done a great job of passing that love of books to Ambrin.  This year his 2nd birthday party had a book theme and everyone dressed up as their favorite child's story character!

The bookcase made for a perfect jungle gym!

Ambrin enjoyed trying to get grass to go inside the phone. Not sure that's exactly what the phone was intended for, but he stopped running around for a good 5 minutes to try to make it happen!

He has such a sweet smile.  You should've seen Dylan's acrobatics and heard the sound effects for this smile! I swear I need to bring a video camera to these things:)

There's that Ambrin giggle we all love!

There were lots of wild strawberries in the field that Ambrin liked to pick. We managed to somehow avoid any of them staining clothes or being eaten. Whew.

Yup. He's all boy! Didn't care much for that flower.

Love, love LOVE this little stud.

This is my favorite sequence. This was taken up next to an old silo.  You should've seen what his goofy Daddy did for that cackle!

This is my absolute favorite from the day! Hands down. Love those beautiful eyes.

Yes we did get down inside a silo! It was one good way to corral him.  Although, he was pretty done with taking pictures. He kept running around and standing right behind me so I couldn't take his picture anymore.  In this picture, he is playing a harmonica with his nose! Let's just say it's his hidden talent.  Dylan sings, plays harmonica, and plays guitar guitar in a band.  Of course he wants to be just like Daddy! He just hasn't quite picked up on the fact that he's supposed to play with his mouth! It's just too cute to watch:)

Here's the little cutie with his Momma. She's due in 3 weeks. We squeezed in a mini maternity session while we were there.  Pics to come soon!

Too many cute smiles whlie sitting in that tree! I  just had to share them all.

Daddy, PLEASE get me out of this tree!!

Thanks Erica and Dylan for having me take pics of Ambrin again! You know I love you guys and that little sweetie. Can't wait for that newborn session!

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