The Battle of Orgainloft

RISING FAWN, Georgia - Last Saturday, June 4, 2011, a battle of epic proportions broke out at a girl's sweet 16 birthday party at the Orgainloft cabin on Lookout Mountain.

In times like these, it's important to remember the courage displayed by the brave men (and woman) on the battle field.  Several were killed (multiple times), and all those killed....respawned??!

Wait, am I reading that right?

I braved the woods in midst of the battle, barely dodging bullets, to capture the moving images seen below.

An informant claimed to have seen Erin Watson, who was celebrating her 16th birthday, get shot in the forehead yet she continued to fight and was even, "grinning from ear-to-ear"!

Adults and teenagers alike were involved in this 6 on 6 battle on the bluff.

As the battle raged, Logan captured the spawn point of the resistance.

These were desperate times. Many began to lose hope.
The team began to turn on eachother...
...and against me!!!
The battle ended in a every-man-for-himself death match.
After a draw was called, Lucas and Travis decided to help Jonathan celebrate (even though no one technically won).

This just in.  It appears that Airsoft Chattanooga staged these war games in celebration of Erin's 16th birthday.  Whew!

This is Christine Lewis, War Correspondant, Signing out.

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