Michael: The Ooltewah Tidal Waves

A few weeks ago, I posted pictures of my godson, Devon, playing baseball.  Well, here you get to meet my other godson, Michael!  This is his first year on the swim team. I haven't been to a swim meet in probably 10 years, so I forgot how LOOOONG they are.  Oh, and by the way, the person you want to watch swims for about a minute, then they're done.  If you're lucky, they are in more than 1 race.  No pressure at all for a photographer, right? You get 1 minute to get the pictures. Go. Well luckily, Michael was in 2 races, so I got a very generous 2 minutes:)

 Michael was in the 11 year old exhibition free style. I actually missed his take off (I'm sure that's not the technical term), because they all look alike in their swim caps, goggles, and swim shorts on. I couldn't figure out which lane he was in! I'm such a bad godmother.

Michael relaxing between races. You see all that writing on his arm? That's how they keep track of all the races he'll be in.  Betcha the moms LOVE getting that off every night.

Preparing for the back stroke. And, no, I didn't miss this take off!

Michael beat his friend racing next to him!

Oh, they also write your name on you. Apparently I'm not the only one that thinks they all look the same dressed like that!

As the sun went down, the races were over.  Michael's shaggy, curly hair was free once again:)
He's a goofball.

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