Riverbend 2011: Going out with a Bang!

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I spent waaaay too much time at Riverbend this year! Lets just say, I usually borrow someone else's pins and show up 1 or maybe 2 nights each year.  This year, my husband decided to volunteer as security for the Coke stage.  For those of you who aren't from 'round here, that's the big stage with all the main shows.  It's also pretty much the latest show each night.  Needless to say, after a week of going to Riverbend almost every night, then going to work in the morning, I'm pretty tuckered out. 

Every year, on the last night of the festival, they have a huge fireworks display.  Since I wasn't that excited about Kelly Pickler's performance, I wandered off toward the Market St Bridge to set up for the fireworks. You can't even hear the music from there, but there were still TONS of people. Basically, I had invaded the teenage hangout.  I'm pretty sure they didn't come to Riverbend for the music anyway.  I (politely) tried to ignore them and set up my camera for the big show.

I got some pretty cool shots of the fountains with the Market St. Bridge and Walnut St Bridges while waiting for the fireworks.

And the show begins!!!

Toward the end of the show, they had fireworks streaming off the bridge.

While waiting for Lucas after the show, I played around taking pictures of the Tennessee Aquarium lights:)

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