Sunset in Cocoa Beach, FL

We recently took a MUCH needed vacation to Orlando, Florida.  Unlike most people who go to Orlando, we really just wanted to relax.  It's not quite so easy to do nothing in the land of theme parks, but we somehow managed to do just that.  One afternoon, we made the jaunt to Cocoa Beach.  I'm actually gonna show you these next pictures in reverse order, since the ones of the sun going down are my absolute favorite!  I only wish we could go back to this calm, slow life.

Since Cocoa Beach is on the east coast, the sun didn't go down over the water.  I tried to wake up for sunrise, but just couldn't manage that on vacation! Fortunately, there was a beautiful waterway, where we found this scene.

Lucas and I drove all over the place trying to get away from phone lines so we could get a silhouette of a palm tree with the sunset! This is my favorite. Yes, I played with the colors some in post-processing. This looks like it should be a cheesy license plate or something:)

Cocoa Beach Pier. You can see a tint of pink in the clouds from the sunset.  This pier has probably 5 restaurants on it!

Cocoa Beach from the end of the pier.

These were the weirdest trees. I've not seen them anywhere else. A black bird landed just perfectly for me to get a silhouette shot! I obviously played with the colors quite a bit on this one too:)

I made this one a little more vintage and nostalgic.  I feel like this should be a picture from when my family went to Cocoa Beach when I was in 3rd grade.

I wanna go back!!

Cocoa Beach is next door to Cape Canaveral, so you could see the cruise ships starting their voyage.

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