A Cow Amongst Power Lines

What power lines, you say?

At least, that's what I hope you say.

The sun was going down just perfectly behind this field of cows.  They were grazing peacefully and I just HAD to stop. I had been waiting a long time for a moment like this.

Of course we were in a hurry to get home.  I'm sure a new NCIS was coming on or something like that, and I was rushed.  If I had bent down just a little lower, those power lines might have been hidden behind the hill. But no. I was in too much of a hurry. 

I got quite a few silhouette shots of the cows, but most will require HOURS of photoshop work with minute brushes to make the power lines disappear.  You see, they are perfectly hiding between the grass.  The worst possible place for them to hide. If they were against the open sky it would be SO much easier.

Anyway, this is the first that I found the determination to salvage. I hope you like it. It may be the only one that sees the light of day!

Lesson learned. Slow down. Take your time.  Be aware of the details in your surroundings.

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