Erin: Richard Hardy Memorial School Class of 2012

When I first met Erin, she was walking around the Cornbread Festival in South Pittsburg, TN with a Tennessee Vols tutu on. Yes, a tutu.  They are intended for little girls, but she saw it and knew she wanted one for herself.  I instantly knew I liked her:)  When she asked me to do her Senior pictures, I knew we'd have a lot of fun!

We met up several month later back in downtown South Pittsburg to do her senior portraits for Richard Hardy Memorial School, Class of 2012. She didn't bring the tutu, but she brought tons of fun and personality - as well as a "Marry Me Chipper" sign.  Just look at the photos, you'll understand:)

Erin plays the guitar, writes music, is learning banjo, plays multiple sports, and could only think of one club at her high school that she's NOT a part of!  Of course, that's only because she didn't have enough time:)

Gotta love the boots.

These are my favorite.  I just love the vines growing over the concrete wall.

I LOVE this Tshirt! I even went to the store to buy one for myself, but they were sold out of my size:(

There's that sign! She's a serious Braves fan, can you tell?

That's not what that sign said! I just had to had some fun with it though:)

After having some fun in casual clothes, Erin changed back into her dress for some formal shots around the downtown area.

We thought we'd take advantage of the big windows to get some cool reflections. She wanted to make sure to get some pics at the music store.

Thanks to Erin for having me do your senior pics. It was a blast! I wish you the best for your final year of high school.  

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  1. These are really terrific. You definitely captured her personality!

  2. Brice, These are great I really like the pictures in front of the music store and the last two close-ups.