Luke Arlington: 9 Days Young

Meet Luke!

Poor Amy was in  labor with this little fella for 27 hrs! Wow. That sounds like forever.  That's the only time you're gonna feel bad for her though, because when I arrived at her house she greeted me at the front door with a big grin and looking as tiny as ever.  She was happy and energetic.  I SWEAR she didn't look like she had a baby 9 days ago!

Little Luke decided he did not want to sleep any of the 2.5 hrs I was there! I always say the babies rule the photo shoot, and we will do whatever makes them happy.  So, we improvised!  I like that you can see so much more personality in him than most newborns because he was awake the whole time.  My favorites were when we ventured outside (with the mosquitos and no-see-ums).  He's such a little cutie.

Thought I'd start with my favorite! He may not have slept any, but he was sure fighting sleep the whole time.

Isn't he precious!

I love little newborn toes.

Ok, this is my other favorite. Can't you just feel the love?

One last yawn before I go...

I learned a lesson that night. ALWAYS bring bug repellant to photo shoots. I probably had 30 bug bites all over my legs!

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