Ransom Cole: A Rock'n'Roll Styled Newborn Shoot

His name is RANSOM!!!

Whew, had to get that off my chest. This is the little guy from Erica's maternity session (here). You know, when I was the ONLY person who knew the name and I wasn't allowed to tell anyone? I feel so much better now that I don't have to keep that secret anymore:)
Ok, I just had to start off with this one! Ransom's momma and daddy love music, so we put him in several old guitar cases. This one is my FAVORITE! As Erica says, he's either gonna hate us for this or love us for it one day:)

We did start with a few softer, cute newborn pics. Once again, toes are my favorite!

I just had to include this one. His expression is hilarious!

Erica and Dylan have so many cool, vintage things in their house. I just had to grab these trunkns for a few shots.

Now to the rest of the rock'n'roll shots!

Why, yes, that is a temporary tattoo!

We added some records in for good measure...

He definitely posed himself for this one!

He had a perfect patch of hair in the middle of his head, so we thought we'd take advantage of it and make a mohawk:)

Here's the un-"censored" version of Erica's maternity shot (the name was censored before since it was a surprise), paired with her holding precious little Ransom.
Ransom is lucky enough to have an amazing mommy, daddy, and big brother.  I wish you all well as you adjust to your new little addition.  Good luck keeping up with those two little boys!

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