SMASH CAKE! Jonah is 1

Really? A year old already?

My youngest nephew is growing so fast. Even since we took these pictures, he's started walking on his own.  He says a few words, and (kinda) feeds himself with a fork. I feel like he's been in our lives forever, yet he should definitely not be 1 year old yet.  I love that he already has so much personality.  He's stubborn and competitive, yet laid back with a gentle, loving smile. I LOVE this kid!

What better way to celebrate this little firecracker than with a smash cake? I really never need an excuse to make a mess. The messy photo shoots are always my favorite:)

He was so close to walking on his own when we took the pictures! Since he was born on July 3rd, he's always been a lil' firecracker. He has the shirt to prove it!

How big is Jonah? SO BIG! (Yes, he is such a good little performer)

How old is Jonah? (I was soo impressed that he knew this one!)

Showing off for the camera while he awaits his smash cake. He's a little stud.


He doesn't waste much time.

He's definitely sucking on the cake here.

This is my favorite face EVER! I don't think he can't get anymore stuffed in at once.

C'mon mom, don't you want some love now?

Oh, look! Distraction:)

Hmmm...looks like he may have missed some icing.


Sucking icing off his own toes? This kid is my hero:) We were laughing so hard I could barely hold the camera!

Icing up the nose, icing in his ear...

Running out of cake...

Gotta get every last bit!

Whoa...sugar overload.
That's right...he ate the WHOLE thing! I was so impressed.  He looked a little glazed over when we were done, but he sure can handle his sugar!  Cleaning him and the high chair was a totally different issue though...

Happy 1st Bday Jonesy. Love you!

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