Sparklers, Roman Candles, and Bottle Rockets - Oh My!

So I'm a little behind on posting my July 4th pictures, I know, but these were just too fun not to share!
This year, we decided we'd rather play with bottle rockets, sparkers, black cats, and roman candles than go to a huge fireworks show.  Devon and Michael were my models as I experimented with light and long exposure times.  They had a blast! (Ha, no pun intended).

Devon has just a little energy, can you tell? I think he had about 4 seconds to make all those swirls:)
Roman Candles!
Devon spinning in circles.

Michael and Devon modeling together.

This was his best Harry Potter impression. We must've heard "Expecto Pa-Devon!" a thousand times!

More battles with magical wands:)

I like how you can see the time lapse in this one. Michael was on the ground when I took the picture, then he walked right in front of me and twirled it around. Can you see him in the picture twice? He looks like a ghost the second time.

Michael and Devon were both in this one, but Devon jumped in too late to get his face in the picture! All we get is his light:)

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