April Showers bring...June Flowers?

I know its not June anymore, but I wanted to bring back some of my favorite flower pictures that I never posted.  We had some crazy tornados and storms in April, and although it brought devastation to many areas, my garden and the wild flowers seem to be very happy.  This is also the year for landscaping at my house.  We (ok, mostly Lucas) took on the project of building flower beds and filling them with bulbs, seeds, bushes, tress, and small perennials.  I can't wait to see what it will look like in a couple years when all the plants grow up and fill in!

Lucas's grandmother gave us this Begonia. It's very happy when I remember to water it.

'Tis the season for Queen Anne's Lace. This is one of my favorite wildflowers.

Our lilies were HUGE this year! The bin of Chicks'n'Hens is behind them and you couldn't even see it.

We have a itsy bitsy Hydrangea bush.  It put out some beautiful flowers though.

So, I know clover isn't really a flower. I'm gonna keep my eye out for a four leaf clover, but in the meantime I think I'll call this one "Unlucky."

I have no idea what this is! Lucas found it on the side of the road and transplanted it next to our dinner bell. It's a beautiful vine that grows up the bell.  Any ideas what it is?

This is my Lavender. It's now blooming and gorgeous!

These are called Blue Dwarfs (I think).  All our little markers got thrown away somehow, so I really couldn't tell you for sure!

Blue Dwarfs again!

This is a Coneflower from my sister's house. I planted some but I think the moles (or voles) may have gotten to them:(

Apparently the bees like these too...

Here's an extra soft, dainty version!

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