Boone + Kat: A Barefoot Creek Wedding in Tellico Plains, TN

On August 6, 2011 Boone and Kat were married at Telliquah Log Cabins in Tellico Plains, TN.  This was the most laid back, intimate wedding I'd ever attended.  Boone was one of my best friends through high school and college and it was awesome to catch up with him and to meet Kat.  There were so many photos I liked, that I had to break it up into 2 posts.  This one is for the wedding. Reception pics to follow!

I just had to start with photos of their rings.  Since they were married in the creek (literally), I found a few awesome rocks in the creek to take photos of their rings on.

I blame this one on Lucas! It was his idea to put them down in the water.  Did I mention Boone and Kat are the most laid back people EVER!  They totally didn't care. Glad I did it, because it made for a cool picture. Made me VERY nervous though!

Boone and Kat were married behind one of the little log cabins.

Boone helping Kat down into the creek. Such a gentleman:)

Told you I wasn't kidding about being in the creek!

Love this one! I suckered Lucas into taking pictures with me.  He did such a good job, I told him he would have to be my second shooter all the time. I don't think he's actually excited about that...

The beautiful bride.

Mr. and Mrs. Boone Kerley!!

Kat's father performed the wedding.

The parents of the bride and groom.

Boone's parents welcoming Kat into the family.  Jess didn't let go of that video camera the whole time!

I absolutely love this one!  I don't remember what was said, but Boone's family thought it was hilarous.

Cute little Savannah. She just wouldn't give up that bouquet!

The bridal party. I like Boone and Kat's interaction here. He's being a goofball and she's laughing at him when everyone else is ignoring him.  I think this bodes well for their marriage:)

This is Jess signing the marriage license. Told you he didn't let go of that camera! He's video taping himself signing the license.
Stay tuned for pictures from the reception!

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