Boone + Kat: A Reception with Personality to Spare in Tellico Plains, TN

Part 2 of Boone & Kat's blog post!  The Reception.

I've never been to a more personalized reception.  Everything from the cakes, to the gifts, to the entertainment was a unique idea.
I loved the wedding favors, so I had to start with them.  Each family could take home a photograph that Boone or Kat took in their travels.  They even made the frames!

On the tables, were bubbles and disposable cameras for entertainment.

The real entertainment was the painting booth!  There were canvases with paints and watercolors to entertain the guests! 

Guests could paint whatever they wanted, then take them home or leave them as a present for Boone and Kat.

Couldn't resist capturing my hubby channeling his inner artist:)

The kids (and Katie) had a blast with the water color paints.

Gotta have a candy table!

Their cakes were hilarious.  Each one portrays Boone as an outdoorsman and Kat as a princess!

Stevie made a good bubble model.

Boone's grandfather.

Kat and her cousins being goofy.

Kat's cousin did this painting. Isn't it awesome?

As the guests painted the canvases, they leaned them against tiki torches to dry.  It made a great temporary art installation!

The night concluded with a big bonfire.  We attempted to roast marshmallows, but the bonfire was so big your face would feel like it was melting if you got close enough to roast them!! Lucas managed to roast a couple for me.  Such a good husband:)

Congrats to Boone and Kat.  We wish you a Happy Ever After!

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