Gavin Webb: Newborn Photography

Little Gavin is one of the tiniest babies I've ever photographed!  Justin and Kari were both so involved in the photo shoot. I rarely get a daddy who wants nothing more than to be in the pictures, calm the baby and help pose. It was so precious.  This is Justin and Kari's first little one and you could just feel the excitement and love radiating from both of them.

Gavin gave us a couple smiles while his momma was holding him.

And a couple REALLY big yawns! I mean real big.

He looks so tiny in his daddy's arms.

Justin is a big Braves fan, so we put this mini Braves hat on him for a couple of quick shots.

Then we headed outside for a couple of shots with their big, beautiful Hydrangea bush!

Time for a commercial from our sponsers. Did I mention Justin owns McCosh Landscaping? He just couldnt resist throwing this in there:)

Justin grabbed an old baseball mitt and said, "He's so small, I bet he'd fit in here!"  Ended up being one of my favorites and it was simply an afterthough.  He was a little squirmy, but we managed to grap a couple of quick shots before we ended our session.

Thanks, Justin and Kari, for having me take pictures of little Gavin. I wish you well with your new little family.

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