Like Father, Like Son: The Plotts

A couple weeks ago, I spent a hot afternoon taking pics with Jessie, Heather, and Aiden.  Aiden is just a little mini version of his daddy, it's precious.  This little man definitely does what he wants and marches to the beat of his own drum.  After snapping a couple family portraits, we walked around the area and took some shots of Jessie and Aiden playing together.

The family portrait! The puppy was just so obedient and even looked right at me!

I LOVE this one.  You can just hear them laughing and playing.

They found a turtle nest! I would have had no idea that's what it was.

Jessie was throwing grass at Aiden and he just thought it was hilarious!

Aiden was jumping off the wall so Jessie could catch him. I like that they are making the same face in this picture:)

Nothing like a little attitude to end a session:)
Thanks Heather and Jessie! Had a great time hanging out with you guys. Little Aiden is just precious as always.
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