Smash Cake and Wildflowers!! Katie Claire is 1

I'm pretty sure smash cakes are my new favorite thing to do.  See the session that started it all here.  I've been fortunate enough to do a couple sessions in this little girl's short life, but this one was by far my favorite.  The purple wildflowers just gave us the perfect scene for a few shots before digging into that icing!

She may have a little attitude, huh? This one cracked me up:)

She doesn't even look real to me in this picture.  More like a life-like baby doll you'd see in a magazine.

Her brother, Alex, wanted in on the action so I stuck my camera in his face and pestered him for a few minutes:)

Such a good big brother!

How old is Katelyn? Ok, so I'm not sure that "1" was on purpose, but we'll take it!

This is one of my favorites. She gave us SOOO many smiles!

Yup, she's at the "cruising" age. She's on the move and taking advantage of it!  Don't worry, her daddy was close by to catch her if she started to fall.

Yes, there is a piano in this hay field on our farm.  There is a really good explanation that I can't give you just yet.  Watch for upcoming blogs for some cool photographs though!

Her momma took that hair up a notch for a couple pics.  So cute!

I think she finally decided the crate didn't taste very good.

Love that grin.  Who knew that whacking a limb on the ground would make her bust out laughing? Oh right. Her mom:)

Here we go! That is a BIG cupcake.

Alex helped out every so often!

Ok, this is my favorite smash cake pic of the day.  She was lovin that icing.

As she started to slow down, the whole family joined in on the fun.

There's that dazed, sugar high look we were waiting for!

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