WinderBinder Gallery and Bookstore

I stopped in at WinderBinder Gallery and Bookstore the other day to take a few quick snapshots (like, camera phone quick) of their photography section, which just so happens to feature several Christine Lewis Photography prints! 

This is a very unique gallery next to the Walnut St. Bridge on the Northshore in Chattanooga, TN. There is literally art work from from ceiling to floor. They celebrate all art that is self-taught, unique, and folk. The moment I walked in, I just new this is where I wanted my work! Canvases, framed prints, and unframed prints, from our "Chattanooga Area" gallery are on display here and available for purchase.

The two framed prints up top and the canvas below them are CLP fine art images.

The little table is full of matted CLP prints! Most of these are ours, except the two in the back right corner.

Here are some tiny images from their website. It's easy to see why I like the place so much. You could spend HOURS and never see all the creative and original work.

For a full list of places to purchase Christine's fine art prints, click here.

To see more of Christine's fine art prints and portraits, click here.

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