Captain Mike's Dolphin Tour: Savannah, GA

"I wanna go on a dolphin tour!" I whined as annoyingly as I could possibly muster.  Lucas was kinda tired and we were trying to vacation on a budget, so he finally gave an answer he thought would get him out of it.  "Ok, if you can find a dolphin tour for less than $30, then we'll do it."  I whipped out my smart phone and googled away.  We had seen many brochures for dolphin tours, but most were waaay more expensive than that.  The first one I clicked on was Captain Mike's Dolphin Tour: $15/person.  Ha!

So...we decided to go on the sunset dolphin cruise on Tybee Island. I'd never seen a dolphin in real life, and was sooo excited!  I didn't realize we'd get to see so many beautiful scenes along the way!

There were so many beautiful birds! This one was staring right at me.

Blue Heron maybe? I'm bad at knowing my birds.

We chose the sunset cruise.  Although, it wasn't much of a sunset.  Plus we had to turn the boat around early because a lady fell off of about a 4 foot ledge onto the boat while trying to look at dolphins. The paramedics were called and the boat was turned around.  She's ok though - and we were able to see dolphins with a full refund!

LOVE this one! Black birds usually make me want to do super grungy edits like this:)


Our tour guide called this the "Stork Bar." 

Dolphins! We did see some after all.  Let me tell you, they are about a split second faster than you can focus and press the shutter on a camera though.

Alas, we had to return (yes, for the paramedics).  It was beautiful though and well worth the money, especially since we were given a full refund.
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