The Sights of Tellico Plains, TN

Ok, so these might not be what MOST people would consider the significant sites in Tellico Plains, TN but they were definitely my favorite!

"Overgrown Home" This is the second time I've passed this abandoned old building while going to Tellico Plains. It's by far one of my favorite old buildings.  This time we had plenty of time to stop for a couple pictures.

I call this one "Pink Hanger."  There has to be a story behind those walls...

This is the old water tower in the middle of Tellico. I'm a big fan of rickety old water towers, but this was the first time I was able to capture a perfect sky behind one.

This is Lucas's favorite.  This awesome old gas pump was at a farm in the middle of Tellico.

This creek runs behind the Telliquah Log Cabins.  This is where Boone and Kat were married!  See here and here for the blogs of their day!

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