Historic Savannah: Squares, Ghosts, and Ivy.

Savannah is well known for having tons of beautiful squares.  There are actually 22 (used to be 24, but 2 were built over).  No, I didn't stop and take pictures of every one but it lends a very unique beauty to this city.

Here are some miscellaneous pictures from our trip to Savannah.

Forsyth Park Fountain.  There are pictures of this fountain in almost every gallery in Savannah. It's easy to see why!  Too mix things up, I used long exposure, HDR, and black and white.
"The Ghosts of Savannah"  Savannah is a town full of ghosts, and proud of it!  If you look closely at this photo, taken at night in Forsyth Park, you can see a couple ghosts standing in front of the fountain...
"Savannah Ivy" is one of my favorite pics from our trip.  I love how the ivy is growing across everything - even the faces of the steps!

The beautiful Talmadge Bridge to South Carolina as seen from River Street.

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