Kelly+Chad+Ella+Elynn=The Hughey Family

Meet the Hughey family!

The is Ella. She has to be one of the most friendly girls I've ever met!  I'd never met her before, but when we met she came running up to me and gave me a HUGE hug and said "Let's go swing!" We were instant best friends:)

The is Elynn.  She's absolutely precious.  This dress is particularly special.  Several generations of the family have worn this dress.  It's amazing that some styles really are classic. I think the dress is just gorgeous.

Why, yes, she is 1!  These are her one year old pictures and she just wanted to tell everyone I guess!

Look at all those teeth coming in.  Makes her grin so cute!

I love this one.

So...we got a little goofy.  Wow, can she ever make some awesome faces!

This is Miss Elynn's birthday outfit.  LOVE the tutu!

We gave Elynn a break and played a little peek-a-boo.

She smiled sweetly as her Daddy tickled her...

...yeah that's more like the real scream you get when a little girl is tickled!

The Hughey family.  They had this same picture taken in this same place 5 years ago, then 5 years before that.

Kelly and Chad at the silo.
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