Mayfield Farms with the Carsons (Chattanooga Family Photographer)

The fall color is GORGEOUS out there! I'm so excited for all my fall sessions coming up right in time for the beautiful color.  To kick off the celebration, here are the Carson's annual family pics.  Last year we went to a pumpkin patch.  This year - a corn maze!

Jonah definitely ate all the raw corn he could get his hands on.

This series is my FAVORITE.  Especially the first pic.  I just feel like I need to follow them into the corn patch for an adventure!

Caught him looking!

Silly Jonathan, you aren't THAT skinny!

Apparently this is what happens when you stand between men and the games in the corn maze.  It wasn't appreciated:)

The boys loved to play in the bin of corn! Of course, once again, Jonah tried to eat most of it.

Action shot! I know, Tobes why don't you pull Jonah in the cute red wagon? Yeah...that didn't last long.  Jonah bailed quickly.

Jones really liked tetherball the best. 

Gotta love those weird little gourds.  I really want to be able to cook something with them.  They are so pointless...yet cool looking.

Yes, Hannah was talked into brining Jonah on the bouncy house.  It was pretty hilarious.

And our trip wouldn't be complete without this shot! Too funny.

Jonah's a very serious little piggy.

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