Taylor Elizabeth: Freshman Pictures

Yes, I did say Freshman Pictures.  Cool idea, huh? Instead of doing just Senior Pictures like many high schoolers do, they are going to do a "senior picture" session for each year of Taylor's high school career.  That will give them photographs of her as she grows and changes in her high school years.  Very cool idea. 

Hard to believe she's a freshman, I know. She looks so much older! I know when I was a freshman in high school, I was not nearly this beautiful, mature, and composed. I met with Taylor and her mother at their farm in South Pittsburg, TN. They live in such a gorgeous area, we were able to take advantage of the countryside as well as South Pittsburg's cute downtown area!

They have the coolest run-down, old building on their farm.  We just had to take advantage of it.

It's so beautiful there! I'd be jealous, but I think my farm is gorgeous too:)

Not far from the farm is this little pond area with a foot bridge. Perfect for pictures of Taylor with her guitar.  She sings too!

On to downtown South Pittsburg!

I love this sequence.   We were in the middle of downtown S. Pittsburg right before the start of a football game, so the streets were full of people.  She was a bit embarrassed...and the whistles and cat calls from passers by didn't help:)

Taylor personally requested I take a picture of her purity ring.  I think that's just awesome.

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