Ye Olde Tyme Photos: Luke is 3 Months Old! (Chattanooga Child Photographer)

Ok, so not all of them are old timey, but some of these really reminded me of something you'd do at one of those old tyme photo places in Gatlinburg.  Little Luke is now 3 months old and sooo stinkin adorable.

I always have to start with one of my favorites. Isn't that grin just to die for?

This is Luke's cousin.  She was such a great help and was awesome at dancing and doing antics to make Luke smile for me!

She sure does love little Luke.

Of course I had to pair a few of the pics with his newborns.

Look at those crocodile tears!  He wasn't too happy in the beginning, but he warmed up to the whole photo shoot thing eventually.

Just chillin with his hand on his chest.  That's what you're supposed to do when you wear overalls, right?

I guess Luke had enough! He just wanted some cuddle time with Momma.

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